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Dave Ghilarducci

Dave Ghilarducci

Artist Name: Dave Ghilarducci

Title of Piece: Passing Wave

Media: powder coated steel

7'H x 3'W x 9'D

Retail Price: $4,250 + tax

Artists’s Statement: I closely abide by Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design. In an era where modern technology has contributed to a multitude of issues, anywhere from environmental damage to over-reliance, I present my systems as satirical adaptations of our present that allude to something much like Aldous Huxley’s portrayal of his view of the dystopian future in Brave New World. I use industrial materials designed in a manner that is edited to bare essentials with wayward notions of play, interactivity, and introspection.

Artists’s Bio:
Dave Ghilarducci (b. 1963, Chicago, Illinois) holds a degree in Engineering. Dave’s engineering background strongly influences both the materials he uses and his process. His sculptures are informed by the fundamental constituents of the natural forces that interact and exert on one another. In his Big Wave series, Dave uses high quality powder coated steel to depict the three phases of a breaking wave: the trough, the crest, and the collapse. Adhering to Dieter Rams’ philosophy, Dave’s aesthetic is not encumbered by non-essential elements and minimizes physical and visual pollution. He currently resides in Escondido, California where he has participated in numerous solo and group shows.

Photo: Nick Ruddick