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Jim Helms

Jim Helms

Artist Name: Jim Helms

Title of Piece: Harvest Moon

Media: steel

Dimensions: 57"H x 36"W x 16"D

Retail Price:
$1,000 + tax

Artists’s Statement: “Harvest Moon” is meant to display the spirit of a rising moon in the Eastern sky.

Artists’s Bio: My adventure in art started in the year 2000, when commitments to my family and my profession lessened and I was able to dedicate myself to my long-time passion. I was always drawn to art and had creative visions, but never the time to unleash my creativity. In that year I was able to begin my adventure in earnest. I started with classes and workshops that enabled me to express myself in the world of three-dimensional sculptures.

I began working in representational art. The feelings I had about form were directed to creating bronze sculptures. There were people and animals that I wanted to capture in a particular moment in time. Those sculptures were meant to express some form of sensitivity and emotion that brings those same feelings for those viewing them.

The last week in October 2007 was the basis for a dramatic change. The Rice Canyon fire came through our community. There was devastation in various parts of town. The debris that was left was disturbing and beautiful at the same time. This stimulation led to the creation of two copper pieces, “Standing Man” and “Burnt Wrangler”. These were followed by “Park Angel”, “Rising from the Ashes”, and “Wounded Warrior”. These sculptures were combining representational form in a contemporary expressive manner. The “Rising from the Ashes” was awarded Best of Show and 1st in a recycled material at the San Diego County Fair. “Wounded Warrior” was awarded a second at the San Diego County Fair and the Open Sculpture Completion in Oceanside, California.

Recently I have had the opportunity to use scrap stainless steel. This material has given me a new freedom of expression.


Photo: Nick Ruddick