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Rasim Konyar

Rasim Konyar

Artist Name: Rasim Konyar

Title of Piece # 1: Leo

Media: bronze

Dimensions: 17"H x 21"W x 6"D

Retail Price: $5,500 + tax

Artists’s Statement: Leo is my interpretation of line marble sculptures, which have been made by many ancient artists in Anatolia for the last 3000 years.

Rasim Konyar

Title of Piece # 2: Sister I

Media: gold leaf on medal

Dimensions: 29"H x 12"W x 9"D

Retail Price: $4,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: see below

Title of Piece # 2: Sister II

Media: gold leaf on medal

Dimensions: 25"H x 10"W x 7"D

Retail Price: $3,500 + tax

Artists’s Statement for Sister I and Sister II: Sisters are my interpretation of mother goddess figurines, giving the sense of fertility and life.

Artists’s Bio: Rasim Konyar has opened many solo exhibitions in Turkey, Europe, and the US. From time to time, he has displayed his paintings.

Rasim’s works in marble, bronze, and mosaics have been exhibited under various concepts such as “Masks and Ranks,” “Bronze Anatolia,” “The Human and the Being,” “Balances and Acrobats,” “Fuseyfisa” (surface decorated with beads, small stones, and pieces of glass), “Trees,” and “Ships.”

He continues to work and exhibit in Istanbul, Turkey and San Diego, California.


Photos: Nick Ruddick