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Patrick E

Patrick E

Artist Name: Patrick E

Title of Piece # 1: Monarch

Media: stainless steel and glass

Dimensions: 12"H x 56"W x 32"D

Retail Price: $5,000 + tax

Artists’s Statement: This butterfly started its life not as a caterpillar but as a scrapped stainless steel industrial sink.

Patrick E

Title of Piece # 2: Ladybug Family (5 pieces)

Media: steel and ceramic tile

Dimensions (diameter of shell for each piece): 12", 11", 9", 7.5", 7"

Retail Price (largest to smallest): $425, $375, $325, $245, $235 + tax

Artists’s Statement: A family of ladybugs is created from repurposed nesting kitchenware.

Artists’s Bio: Patrick E. has been creating original sculptures out of metal and glass for two decades using both metalwork and mosaic techniques. The creations include giant insects and creatures for private and commercial projects, garden ornaments, furniture, sculptural lighting and gates, and spacecrafts. Some of the pieces are for a limited edition production, but most of the work is commissioned for specific sites and designed in collaboration with the client.


Photos: Nick Ruddick