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Brandon Zebold agent Betsy Lane

Brandon Zebold

Artist Name: Brandon Zebold agent Betsy Lane

Title of Piece: Totems: Alpha, Delta, Gamma, Kappa

Media: steel

Dimensions: 5'2"H

Retail Price: $4,800 each + tax

Artist’s Statement: It is the balance between the complexities of the dynamic abstracted line and the exploration of form and it’s substantial presence that is driving my work today.

Artists’s Bio: Drawing has been a passion of Brandon’s from his earliest years. A natural form of communication and a way to develop ideas, the process of drawing has evolved from drawing what he sees into drawing to see. Of all the media he has explored, steel has offered an exciting range of shapes and surfaces to draw on. The process of rendering the steel drawings became a natural springboard into sculpture, with all its powerful intimacy of touch and scale. Brandon has work in many public and private collections throughout the U.S.


Photo: Nick Ruddick