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Ana Lazovsky

Ana Lazovsky

Artist Name: Ana Lazovsky

Title of Piece: The Blue Flame

Media: bronze

Dimensions: 67"H x 24"W x 32"D

Retail Price: $9,250 + tax

Artist’s Statement: I strive to express beauty and harmony in clean and fluid lines, to convey feelings, to provoke thoughts, memories, associations, ideas. This search for aesthetics and meanings gives me a sense of purpose, internal peace and achievement.

Artist’s Bio: Anna was born in Uruguay, spent one year and finished high school in the USA and immigrated to Israel in 1962, where she lives to this day. She has sculpted professionally since the year 2000. She has shown her work in numerous exhibitions around the world and has received many awards including First Prize for the Franco-Japanese exhibition/competition, Nice, France, 2009. Anna’s sculptures have been purchased by innumerable private collectors worldwide.



Photo: Heather Main, SDBG Staff