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Lynn Forbes

Lynn Forbes

Artist Name: Lynn Forbes

Title of Piece: Lauren

Media: ceramic clay

Dimensions: 42"H (70" w/base) x 15"W x 18"D

Retail Price: $3,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: I am fascinated by the undulations of natural human form, as exemplified by classical Greek sculpture and all that it has inspired. For me, to be able (and that is the key) to celebrate the majesty of natural beauty by creating art is a thrill like being able to fly.

Artist’s Bio: A visit to Paris in 2001sparked an interest in Greek sculpture, igniting a passion that now consumes sculptor Lynn Forbes. While she has since attended many university level courses, most of her education has come from endless study of the masters.

In 2007, Lynn and her husband established the Lynn Forbes studio and school of sculpture in Carlsbad, CA. It has since become the largest school of its kind anywhere.
Most of Lynn’s time is spent on private commissions which she often completes from photographs alone. Currently, she produces dozens of commissions a year and is one of the most prolific sculptors in the world.



Photo: Heather Main, SDBG Staff