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Docent Program

San Diego Botanic Garden


Become a Docent at
San Diego Botanic Garden

Gain in-depth knowledge about the unique collection of plants at this 37-acre botanic wonderland. Meet others who share your interest in the natural world, while learning from experts in a variety of specialties. Experience the satisfaction and personal accomplishment that comes from joining such a stimulating and worthwhile organization.

Docent activities include helping with Public Events, volunteering in garden beautification and participating in special projects. Docents are also encouraged (but not required) to lead garden tours. To each of these activities. Docents bring valuable knowledge made possible through this specialized training.

Pre-requisites prior to enrollment:
1. All of the orientation requirements listed on the Volunteer Program page, plus:

2. A $60 fee to cover the 9-class series that must be paid in advance; you may stop by the office to sign up and pay or you may call the office at 760/ 436-3036 and speak to Jill Gardner x219.

3. Complete 10 hours of volunteer work before the course begins. Volunteer hours may be earned by working in the Garden at an assigned job, attending meeting and travel time.

4. Become a member of the Garden. Membership must remain current while you are an active Docent.

For further information, please contact Liz Woodward, Docent Training Coordinator, via mail to liz@woodwardweb.net or telephone 760/ 420-1455.


March 19
Succulents and the Desert Gardens
Anne Spindel, Docent 2003
SDBG Membership – Josh Pinpin, Membership Assistant

April 2
Bamboo Garden - Barry Martin, Docent 2011
Subtropical Fruit Garden - Tandy Pfost, Docent 2012

April 9
The Conservatory and Significant Plants in HCG
Tony Gurnoe, SDBG Director of Horticulture
Children’s Programs and Gardens
Sarah Sickler, SDBG Education Manager
Garden Beautification – Anna Dreilinger, Docent 2016
Meet Sam the Tortoise – Kathy Duval, Docent 2015
Potluck Lunch

Volunteer & Docent Meetings

First Wednesday of the Month
9:30 am – 12 pm * Arrive at 11 am for the program
Business meeting 9:30-10:30
Speaker 11-12

April 1 Cancelled
SDBG Horticulture Manager John Clements will present, from his vast collection of photographs, a history of agriculture in San Diego County.

May 6
Carolyn Kinnon, from MiraCosta College’s Horticultural Department will present on
“Integrated Pest Management” in home gardens and landscapes, stressing prevention of and methods for controlling insects, diseases and weeds.

June 3
Spring Potluck

For additional information or questions pertaining to volunteering, please contact Jill Gardner, Volunteer Services & HR Manager. She can be reached at 760/ 436-3036 x219 or jgardner@sdbgarden.org.