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Seeds of Wonder

Hamilton Children's Garden Events and Activities
Birthday Parties

Upcoming Events

Summer Camps

Art in the Garden with Abrakadoodle

Session III: July 28 – August 1

Ages 7 – 12, camp hours 9 am – 3 pm

Create art and experience the beauty of nature. Each day campers will visit a different part of the Garden, and then they will create paintings, drawings, sculpture and prints inspired by their outdoor adventures. An art show will be held at the end of the week featuring the children’s week worth of masterpieces.

Cost: $189 for the week. Admission to the Garden, art materials and camp tee shirt included. SDBG members take $10 off. For more information and registration call 760/ 731–0555 or visit http://www.abrakadoodle.com/ca-north-county-san-diego-register/

Youth Photography Camp

Session I: August 4 – 8
9:30 – 11:30 am • Grades 3 – 5
Please contact Victoria Johnson at 760/ 436-3036, x201
if interested in this camp.

Session II: August 11 – 15
9:30 – 11:30 am • Grades 6 – 8

Professional photographer, Jennifer Nelson, will be leading this camp with an eye toward appreciating the beauty around us. Students will go out and shoot each day and practice lighting, composition, portrait photography and center of interest techniques. Photographs will be critiqued the next day.
A portfolio will be compiled of the week’s work.

As students wander through the Garden, Jennifer will point out particular aspects of their surroundings and teach how to watch and listen for native life. As a special treat, she will focus on and demonstrate the wonders of the butterfly cycle.

Cost: Members $164, non-members $197
Register by: August 1 Session II

Session II: August 11 – 15


Bloomers & Zoomers Ages 7 – 13
Drawing and printing plants and their pollinators
Saturdays August 9, 16, 23
9 – 11 am

Design and print your own botanical T-shirt! We’ll take field trips around the garden looking for plants and flying creatures to draw. Later we’ll make hand cut and photo stencils to transfer your drawing onto a T-shirt for you to take home. The class includes three sections: pencil, ink and printmaking. Using pencil and ink we’ll translate what we see into a screen print that’ll go onto your T shirt. Each participant will take home a shirt printed with their design - plus one with the work of the whole class.

Instructor: Dale McLeod, retired high school Graphic Arts Teacher

Cost for three sessions: Members $75, Non-members $90.
Materials fee paid directly to the instructor: $10
Register by August 1

Bloomers & Zoomers

Making Native American Flute
Children (8 – 16 years)
Saturday, August 17
1– 4 pm

Make a traditional Native American-style, end-blown flute from bamboo that is easy to play. Learn to decorate the flute, sand it, play it, and even create your own music.
Instructor: Martin EspinoCost:

Members $50, Non-members $60.
Materials fee paid directly to the instructor: $20.
Register by August 8.

Making Native American Flute


Ongoing Programs:

Free with admission or membership. Occasionally a program may be modified or cancelled without prior notice. Not available on bad-weather days.

For more information email Susanne at SOW@SDBGarden.org

Scavenger Hunt
Material for a scavenger hunt through the Hamilton Children’s Garden can be found in one of the flyer boxes at the shed in the Earth Builder area. We will post a new scavenger hunt for each month.

Mondays, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of the Month, Thursdays and Fridays
10 am – 12 noon
Art Garden Happenings
Daily, except first Tuesday of the month and some Sundays
Not offered August 9 - 24

Study posters featuring our Artist of the Month and Plant of the Month and then do a mixed media project, which is inspired by this artist or plant. Craft activities are always open ended and suitable for all skill levels.

11 am – 3 pm
Hamilton Explorers
Children may learn about our Plant of the Month in a hands-on display in the Incredible Edible Garden and a poster featuring this plant in the Art Garden. A craft project, inspired by this plant, will be offered as well.

Nine to Five - Seven Days a Week
Fun things to do in the Hamilton Children’s Garden

Find out which vegetables and fruits are in season and help us water the raised plant beds in the Incredible Edible Garden. Don’t forget to check out the worm composting bin! Pot a succulent plant into a biodegradable pot to take home and watch it grow in your yard. Spell your name in plants in the Spell and Smell Garden. Have fun in the sand and use big wood blocks to build a balsa fort in the Earth Builder area. In the Art Garden, you can paint pictures on giant chalk boards or draw on paper with chalk pastels. Try out all the different instruments in the music garden and make some “noise”. Get your feet wet in the Mountain Stream and let boats and floating toys go down the stream. When the sun is out, try reading the time by the shadow cast on the sundial and find your way through the maze. Be creative with huge foam blocks, ramps and balls at the Tropical Surround, or enjoy reading a book from our Book Nook. Last but not least, have an amazing time playing in Toni’s Tree House!

Toni’s Tree House
Go on a jungle adventure in Toni’s Tree House.

Incredible Edibles
Find out what vegetables and fruits are in season, help water the raised plant beds, check out the worm composting bin, and pot a succulent plant to take home.

Spell and Smell Garden
Spell your name in plants and test your sense of smell.

Quail Haven
Observe native California Quails.

Earth Builders
Play in the sand with a variety of toys and trucks

Balsa Wood Fort
Build a fort with giant balsa wood blocks

Art Garden
Draw a picture on large chalk boards.

Hamilton Children's Garden


Birthday Parties


Hamilton Children's Garden

Garden Rhythms
Make music with instruments made from natural materials.

Mountain Stream
Let a boat go down the stream and splash in the water.

Birds & Butterflies
Observe butterflies and hummingbirds. Depending on the season you may find all stages of the Monarch butterfly metamorphosis in the Butterfly Bed and Breakfast.

Tropical Surround
Foam blocks, wood blocks, ramps and balls –
build whatever structure you like.

Amazing Sundial

When the sun is out, try reading the time by the shadow cast on the sundial.

Find your way through the grass maze

Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe or Hop Scotch