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Native Plant Conservation


Preserving existing natural areas at the San Diego Botanic Garden is very important. The Garden is located in Encinitas, California within a mile of the coast. There are approximately eleven acres of natural areas and restored natural areas in the Garden. The local southern maritime chaparral and coastal sage scrub plant communities are some of the nation’s most endangered vegetation types as they are small in size and restricted to coastal areas. Over the past century these Southern California coastal areas have been in high demand for urban development.

Southern Maritime Chaparral & Coastal Sage Scrub

Coastal Sage Scrub is found from San Francisco south into Baja at low elevations, primarily on mesas within fifteen miles of the coast. Much of the vegetation has semi-deciduous foliage in summer rather than the thick, evergreen foliage of chaparral.

Southern Maritime Chaparral grows along the coast from southern Orange County to Point Loma. It is associated with coastal fog and eroded sandstone soils. Although primarily a chamise and black sage chaparral, it includes a number of rare, endemic plant species, including several of the following species.

Southern California Ethnobotany
A list of the native plants used by Native Americans in southern California.   

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