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Now – April 2020

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Bobbi Hirschkoff

Bobbi Hirschkoff

Totem #1


Dimensions: H6’3” x W1’6” x D1’6”

$2,125 plus tax
(If paid by credit card, add a 3% processing fee)

Location in Garden: Bamboo Garden

Artist’s Statement: “Totems are full of color and whimsy. What else can they do but bring a smile and joy to your life.”

Artist’s Bio: Bobbie has been making art as long as she can remember. Retired from teaching in 2001, she now has more time to pursue her love of travel, art and gardening. She is not afraid of color and whimsy and her art reflects these concepts. She works in ceramics, enamel, jewelry and painting. Her pieces range from small earrings to large kinetic sculptures.

Artists’ Website: bobbihirschkoff.com


Photos: Hanna Faulstich