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Sculpture in the Garden


Now – April 2020

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John Peugh

John Peugh

Dinosaureous Bitchen

Recycled materials

Dimensions: L7’ x W1’8” x H4’6”

$8,100 plus tax
(If paid by credit card, add a 3% processing fee)

Location in Garden: Subtropical Fruit Garden

Artist’s Statement: “My work is not meant to make you think. It is for a moment to relax and enjoy the time and space you are in now.”

Artist’s Bio: A lifelong resident of Encinitas, John has been working in resin and fiberglass for the last 10 years. His love of Mid-Century modern art has led him to create pieces from recycled resin that comes from surfboard factory floors. His art is made from old surfboards, cut and fiber glassed together using resin and pigments for color. The color is to attract your attention and the whimsy is to make you smile. After seeing one of his pieces, John hopes that “when you walk away, hopefully you’ll feel better than before you walked up.”

Artist’s Website: westof101studio.com

Photos: Hanna Faulstich