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Arbor Vitae Guild Members

Ruth Larabee believed in the importance of preserving open spaces and gardens for the enjoyment and education of the community. This belief led her to bequeath her 22.3 acre estate for just that purpose, a gift that became San Diego Botanic Garden. Planned giving is the cornerstone of the Garden’s history and the key to its future.

The Arbor Vitae Guild was established to honor the Garden’s friends who have indicated that they have included the Garden in their will, trust, or other deferred giving method. Gifts of all sizes are welcome, as they ensure the Garden’s natural beauty and vitality for the enjoyment of future generations. We invite you to begin a conversation about how a planned gift can benefit you now and the Garden in the future.

Tom and Carla Applegate
Mr. and Mrs. John Atkins
Ms. Mary E. Bauhan*
Dr. Diane Baxter and Dr. Garth Ware
Ms. Stephanie M. Bench and
Ms. Stephenie Pitman
Ms. Betty Benson*
Ragnhild Campbell*
Dr. Margaret E. Carl
Mrs. Thelma H. Carrington*
Mr. Peter Cuthbert*
Dr. Ernest E. Dale*
Dr. Anna Dreilinger
Mrs. and Mr. Eva Marie Duranleau*
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Duval
Mo Ecke
Mr. Paul Ecke, Jr.*
Estate of Carol B. Shear
Drs. Edward and Ruth Evans
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fischler*
Dorothy B. Fox Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff H. Friestedt
Mr. Bill Gish, III* and Ms. Andra Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Golich
Dr. Wendy Graham and Dr. Tom Bartol
Ms. Adrienne Green*
Mr. William Gunther*
Mr. Clarence N. Heidemann*
Ms. Alison Hiers
Theodore Houk*
Mr. Peter M. Jones and Mrs. Margaret Jones*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Kopfstein
Ms. Alice M. Lamplugh Trust DTD*
Ms. Belina L. Lazzar*
Ms. Mildred Macpherson, Ms. Mary May*
Mr. Walt Meier
Ms. Jane A. Minshall*
Ms. Elf Mitton
Mr. Ronald C. Moss
Mr. Gregory L. Murrell and Ms. Barbara Church
Ms. Arch M. Owen*
Ms. Mariette Pinchart*
Ms. Elisa Pluym*
Ms. Edna F. Pulver*
Mr. Alan Sager
Sally and James Sandler
Mrs. Joyce Sapp
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Schermerhorn
Ms. Jocelyn G. Shannon
Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Shapiro
Mr. Joe Shaw and Dr. Eva Shaw
Vance Sichler*
Dr. Paul Strauss* and Mrs. Anita L. Strauss
Sue Bachrach Trust
Mary Fleener-Therrio and Paul Therrio Jr.
Mrs. Hiroye Y. Toyoda*
Ms. Kathleen L. Toyoda and Mr. Larry D. Reser
Ms. Louise M. Venrick*
Ms. Julia von Preissig*
Mr. and Mrs. Warren von Preissig
Ms. Laura I. Walker
Warren E. Kern Living Trust - Warren Kern
Ms. Patricia M. White*
Ms. Nita Williamson

* Donors whose bequest gifts have been, or are in the process of being, realized.

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