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List of Gardens and Map


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San Diego Botanic Garden

Australian Garden
Explore fascinating plants from “Down Under” including kangaroo paws, bottle trees, firewheel trees, and many of our most useful low water landscape plants.

African Garden
Along a sandstone ridge discover unusual plants from showy African tulip trees to water smart succulents and cycads.

Bamboo Garden
Experience the exotic drama of the nation’s largest collection of bamboo. Marvel at the giant timber bamboo.

Bird and Butterfly Garden
Discover flowers and plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your yard. Located by Hamilton Children’s Garden.

California Gardenscapes
Discover the beauty and water smart value of our California native plants for local gardens and landscapes.

Canary Islands Garden
Explore the dragon tree grove and see many unusual water smart plants from Canary Islands avocados to giant Cinerarias.

Central America
From a Montezuma cypress to tree dahlias, discover fascinating plants from Southern Mexico and Central America.

Dickinson Family Education Conservatory
A new community hub for learning, growing, meeting & celebrating together!
Come explore our new guest experience – the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory – housing rare and unusual tropical plants that add to our already extensive collection of nearly 5,000 plant species from around the world.

Hamilton Children’s Garden
Here you can climb Toni’s Tree House in a jungle canopy, hop through an elephant foot tree forest, see live quail, play in a mountain stream, make music, and so much more.

Herb Garden
See a selection of medicinal and culinary herbs from around the world located around a giant Mysore fig.

Landscape for Fire Safety
Learn about fire-safe plants, design, and maintenance that will help protect your home in our wildfire-prone region.

Lawn Garden
Magnificent trees, colorful flowers, and a picturesque gazebo highlight this popular area.

Lawn House Garden
Enjoy a lush, exotic backyard garden overlooking the Tropical Rain Forest.

Mediterranean Garden
Discover a shady grove of cork oak trees and the seasonal blooms of daffodils, cyclamen, and iris. Enjoy fragrant water smart plants like lavender, rosemary, and rock rose.

Mexican Garden
Learn about the rich botanical heritage of Mexico including Agaves, Salvias, and cycads. Enjoy the festive topiary mariachis.

Native Plants and Native People Trail
See a Kumeyaay homesite and learn about native plants used by the Kumeyaay, the area’s earliest inhabitants. Wander a nature trail to a quiet pond.

New Zealand Garden
View some of our most popular and useful garden plants that come from this spectacular island nation.

New World Desert Garden
Discover cacti, Agaves, succulents, and other fascinating plants from the Americas—perfect for low water gardens.

Palm Canyon
Discover dozens of graceful palms from around the world.

Old World Desert Garden
Showy Aloes, Euphorbias, dragon trees, and other unique succulents from Africa and Asia grow on a hillside overlooking the ocean.

Olive Tree Garden
See a century old olive tree in a water smart garden for both children and adults. Located by Hamilton Children’s Garden.

Overlook Natural Area
Stunning ocean views await you at the top of our Overlook Natural Area, situated among habitat native to Southern California. A free telescope at the top brings the crystal blue waters of the Pacific Ocean closer to you!

Overlook Succulent Garden
See a delightful array of colorful succulents in an intimate setting.

Seeds of Wonder Children’s Garden
Families connect with nature in this interactive garden designed for preschool age children featuring a dinosaur garden, playhouse, topiary, and a miniature garden railroad.

South Africa Garden
Enjoy the colorful flora of South Africa, especially the botanical treasures of the southwest Cape region, a Mediterranean-type climate like ours.

South American Desert Garden
Wander hillside paths to see water smart plants including palms, cacti, and bromeliads from dry regions of South America.

Subtropical Fruit Garden
Discover the wide selection of fruits that can be grown in our area.

Succulent Display Garden
See a colorful garden of low water succulents and companion plants.

Tropical & Temperate Rainforest
Explore the lush rain forest with a spectacular waterfall. Stroll shady paths along streams and pools.

Undersea Succulent Garden
This unique garden of water smart succulents simulates a tropical coral reef, overflowing with marine life.

Walled Garden
Historic trees, ferns, and cycads grow in this secluded garden adjacent to the house the Larabees lived in.