• San Diego Botanic Garden

Puya alpestris


Sapphire Tower

Common Name: Sapphire Tower

Distribution: Native to Chile

Growth Habit: The long spiky leaves form a grassy-like clump up to three feet tall and six feet across. The bloom spikes rise three to four feet above the foliage.

Cultural Requirements: These plants tolerate wind and light frost. Grow in full sun for best bloom and shape. They require good soil drainage. Sapphire Towers have low water needs and grow well in dry conditions.

Uses/Features: Sapphire Tower have spectacular flower spikes up to three feet tall with dozens of flowers that are colored an electric blue-green or teal green. This blue -green flowers dramatically contrast with orange and chartreuse flower parts in the center of the flowers. Hummingbirds love the abundant nectar that is produced.

Bloom Time: Late spring to early summer

Where at SDBG: South American Garden, Australian Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb