• Tecoma stans

Tecoma stans


Tecoma stans

Common Name: Yellow Bells, Yellow Trumpetbush, Esperanza

Distribution: Southernmost USA, Mexico, Central America, South America

Growth Habit: Large shrub or small tree

Cultural Requirements: Once it is established it is drought and heat tolerant.

Uses/Features: The yellow to orange colored, trumpet-shaped blooms are very showy in the warmer months. The compound leaves are quite lush and luxuriant. During the warmer months with their showy blooms and attractive foliage these plants are perfect in tropical-looking landscapes and they are surprisingly very drought and heat tolerant. Tecoma stans is deciduous, losing its leaves in the winter and leafing out in spring. It can be pruned into a tree form although it is generally used as a large shrub. The old blooms can be pruned off to encourage more re-blooming and to avoid the long seedpods. Orange-colored hybrid shrubs are also available, including ‘Orange Flame’ and ‘Bells of Fire’.

Bloom Time: Yellow Bells starts blooming in the warmer months, generally from May into November.

Where at SDBG: Parking lot, Mexican Garden, Subtropical Fruit Garden,
Bamboo Garden, Hamilton Children’s Garden


Photos: Rachel Cobb and Sally Sandler