Philodendron eichleri


King of Tree Philodendrons

Common Name: King of Tree Philodendrons

Origin: Brazil Growth Habit: The huge, dramatic leaves grow on short, twisting trunks, creating a massive shrubby form. Our old specimen is now fifteen feet tall and twenty feet across.

Cultural Requirements: These plants need regular watering and more. They like a partially sunny site with some shade during the hottest part of the day. They also require a practically frost-free location.

Features/Uses: The gigantic, leaves (3-4’ long with 6-8’ stems) are spectacular showpieces. Although the blooms play a relatively minor role compared to the elephantine foliage and serpentine trunks they are beautiful in their own right with a white floral spadix enclosed by a reddish spathe.

These plants fit best in exotic style landscapes where they can be combined with palms, angel’s trumpets, and other tropicals to create a jungle setting worthy of Tarzan and Jane.

Where in the Garden: Our specimen can be seen in the Rain Forest between the lower pool and the Lawn House near a comparatively smaller Philodendron selloum

Photos: Rachel Cobb