• Bambusa vulgaris

Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata'



Common Name: Painted Bamboo

Origin: China

Growth Habit: This is a large clumping, non-invasive bamboo that grows up to fifty feet tall with culms or canes that arch out like a fountain. The culms are fairly widely spaced in clumps so they have a more open appearance.

Cultural Requirements: Bamboos grow best in moist, garden soils that don’t hold water for long periods. Painted bamboo grows best with at least a few hours of direct sunlight. It is cold tolerant down to 30 degrees F.

Features/Uses: The striking canes or culms are golden-colored with green stripes of varying width. They are 2-4 inches in diameter. Painted bamboo is a wonderful, large-scale focal point. Larger plantings can be used as screens. Painted bamboo is also very attractive planted in large containers.

Bloom Time: not significant

Where in the Garden: Bamboo Garden

Photos: Rachel Cobb