• Eriogonum giganteum

Eriogonum giganteum


Eriogonum giganteum

Common Name: St. Catherine’s Lace

Growth Habit: shrub 4-6’ tall and 6-8’ wide

Cultural Requirements: St. Catherine’s Lace is easy to grow. Once it is established it needs no further care.

Features/Uses: In early summer spectacular, delicate white flower clusters cover the plants. Later the rich orangey, brown seed heads are garden highlights and attract seed-eating birds. The flowers and seed heads are both excellent in long lasting, dry indoor decorations. The attractive, silvery evergreen leaves are 2-3 inches long and white underneath.

Over a hundred buckwheat species are native to California. A number of them are attractive summer blooming additions to native gardens. A favorite here is red-flowered buckwheat (Eriogonum grande var. rubescens).

Bloom Time: Summer

Where in the Garden: California Gardenscape


Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken