• Bambusa textilis

Bambusa textilis


Bambusa textilis

Common Name: Weaver’s Bamboo

Origin: Southern China

Growth Habit: This is a clumping, non-invasive bamboo that grows thirty to forty feet tall with dense upright culms or canes that arch outward.

Cultural Requirements: Bamboos grow best in moist, garden soils that don’t hold water for long periods. Weaver’s bamboo grows best with at least a few hours of direct sunlight. It is cold tolerant down to
30 degrees F.

Features/Uses: The attractive canes or culms are multi-colored. While most mature culms are green the older culms are yellowish. The young culms have striking blue coloration above the nodes along with striking tan leaf sheaths that later fall off. The slender culms are 1-2 inches in diameter and are matched with delicate small leaves. Weaver’s bamboo is a wonderful, large-scale focal point.
Larger plantings can be used as screens. Weaver’s bamboo is also very attractive planted in large containers. In China the culms are used in weaving and furniture.

Bloom Time: not significant

Where in the Garden:
Bamboo Garden by the pond

Photos: Rachel Cobb
and Sally Sandler