• Ribes speciosum

Ribes speciosum


Ribes speciosum

Common Name: Fuchsia-Flowering Gooseberry

Growth Habit:
This is a sprawling deciduous shrub that typically can be found 4’ tall with arching branches to 4’ wide or more.

Cultural Requirements: This California native shrub likes partial sun to full shade. It is not too picky about soil types and can tolerate temperatures down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. It is summer deciduous if under drought conditions but will hold onto its foliage with additional summer to fall watering.

Features/Uses: A great choice to grow under trees such as our native oaks or other large shrubs and provides a popular refuge for wildlife given its sharp thorns and arching branches. When in bloom, it produces many tubular hanging red flowers which are a favorite among hummingbirds.

Bloom Time: Flowering occurs generally from January to May.

Where in the Garden: California Gardenscapes.

Photos: Rachel Cobb and Herb Knufken