• Jacaranda




Common Name: Jacaranda

Origin: Argentina, Brazil Growth Habit: medium to large spreading tree, up to 40-50’ tall and 40-50’ wide

Features/Uses: Jacarandas are among the world’s most spectacular flowering trees with lavender blue, tubular blooms in late spring and early summer. The ferny, compound leaves provide fine-textured shade during the warmer months. They are generally deciduous in the winter. The flattened pods are produced in late summer and fall.

In the U.S.A. jacarandas grow better in southern California compared to Florida because of our drier, less humid climate. Although it is a common tree to most Southern California natives, blooming jacarandas astound visiting Easterners who never see trees with such flower color back there.

Bloom Time: Late spring and early summer

Cultural Requirements: Well-drained soils in a warm, sunny site. They are relatively drought and heat tolerant, but tolerate regular watering.

Where at SDBG: Visitor Center, South America


Photos: Rachel Cobb