• Brugmansia versicolor

Brugmansia versicolor


Brugmansia versicolor

Common Name: Angel’s Trumpet

Growth Habit: Upright shrub to 12-16 feet tall and 10-20 wide

Cultural Requirements: Brugmansia versicolor is endemic to Ecuador and included in the Solanaceae, or nightshade family. It performs well in full sun to part shade and medium water needs. Winter hardiness ranges from 20-25 degrees Fahrenheit. Propagation is performed by stem cuttings or viable seeds. All parts of the plant and seed are considered poisonous.

Features/Uses: Large elegant flowers dangle upside-down and to attract moths that pollinate the flowers. Some varieties of Angel’s Trumpet have white or cream-colored flowers that bloom in mass and are ideal for moonlight or night-scented gardens. When planted in large planting beds the trumpet colored flowers add a brilliant accent to any garden and the flower color can range from white and cream, to yellow, peach, pink, and orange. The flowers are most fragrant in the evenings.

Bloom Time: Spring/Fall

Where in the Garden: Lawn Garden, Bamboo Garden, and Subtropical Fruit Garden

Brugmansia versicolor

Photos: Rachel Cobb