• Pistacia chinensis

Pistacia chinensis


Pistacia chinensis

Common Name: Chinese Pistache

Growth Habit:
Medium size tree from 25’ to 35’ tall and wide

Cultural Requirements: This species is dioecious, meaning it has separate male and female trees. The clusters of fruit on the female tree is quite attractive starting out red and turning dark blue when ripe. It is cold hardy to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit, drought tolerant once established, and can tolerant poor soils. Young trees need pruning to develop an upright branch structure as early limbs tend to droop as they grow.

Features/Uses: A great choice if you are looking for a medium-size tree with excellent fall foliage color that can include scarlet, crimson, orange and yellow. Substantially less fall color near the coast or in milder climates. The Chinese Pistache has lush green foliage in the spring and summer and can be used as a street tree, shade provider, or a deciduous screen.

Bloom Time: Flowerings are inconspicuous in the spring

Where in the Garden: Landscape for Fire Safety

Photos: Rachel Cobb and Sally Sandler