• Bulbine frutescens

Bulbine frutescens


Bulbine frutescens

Common Name: Bulbine

Origin: South Africa

Features/Uses: The small yellow flowers bloom at the ends of long stalks and always seem to be in bloom. The thin, succulent leaves have an attractive grassy texture that contrasts well with other kinds of foliage. They are drought tolerant, requiring a minimum of water. Two compact varieties with orange blooms are Tiny TangerineTM and ‘Hallmark.’ Use in combination with other low water plants for their year-round color and grassy foliage.

Growth Habit: low perennial 12-18” tall with 12” flower spikes, mounding clumps slowly spread in size (they can easily be dug up, divided, and propagated)

Bloom Time: Most of the year

Cultural Requirements: Well-drained soils in a warm, sunny site, although they tolerate light shade. Bulbines tolerate mild frosts.

Where at SDBG: Hamilton Children’s Garden, African Garden,
Fire Safety Garden


Photos: Rachel Cobb