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Radermachera ignea


Tree Jasmine

Common Name: Tree Jasmine

Distribution: Endemic to Northern Thailand and Northern Laos

Growth Habit: A medium size deciduous tree growing to 15 feet or more here in southern California. In tropical Thailand it can grow to well over 50 feet tall. The lush green compound leaves add a great deal to this tree’s attractive arching branches.

Cultural Requirements: This rare tree prefers a tropical warm and humid environment but will tolerate our more semi-arid climate here, although the flowers are much less fragrant. The Tree Jasmine prefers full sun and will tolerate temperatures down to around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Uses/Features: The beautiful bright orange tubular flowers develop on older branches and even the main trunk. It performs well in a large container or great for a unique flowering ornamental tree in the landscape.

Bloom Time: Spring

Where at SDBG: Bamboo Garden next to the pond

Radermachera ignea

Photos: Rachel Cobb