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Dudleya brittonii


Dudleya brittonii

Common Name: Giant Chalk Dudleya, Britton’s Dudleya

Growth Habit: A succulent with 12-16” wide rosette of chalky-white, waxy leaves that maintains a very high ultraviolet reflective property to help attract and retain moisture.

Cultural Requirements: This Pacific coastline Baja native plant can be found on hilly areas, cliffs and, other porous soils. It prefers full sun, part sun if located more inland, and temperatures down to about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Features/Uses: It makes a beautiful accent plant for summer-dry border plantings, rock gardens, and containers.

Bloom Time: Spring/Summer

Where in the Garden: New World Desert Garden, Undersea Succulent Garden, and California Gardenscapes

Photos: Rachel Cobb