• Araucaria bidwillii

Heteromeles arbutifolia

Toyon, Christmas Berry, California Holly
Common Name: Toyon, Christmas Berry, California Holly

Origin: California

Features/Uses: Toyon is one of California’s botanical treasures, famed for it’s bright red fruits from late fall through winter, including the holiday season. The attractive glossy, evergreen leaves have holly-like leaf margins. In addition, showy clusters of small white flowers bloom in early summer.

Toyon is one of the best choices for your garden if you’re trying to provide habitat for native birds. It’s also one of the best native plants to establish visual screening or serve as an informal hedge.

Growth habit: Large dense shrub, slowly growing up to 8-15’ tall

Bloom Time: Early summer

Cultural Requirements: well-drained soils, once the plants are established after 1-2 years they don’t require additional water although supplemental water in the winter and spring is good and will increase growth rates if there isn’t very much rainfall. During the summer and early fall watering deeply once a month will improve appearance (and increase fire resistance).

Where in the Garden: California Gardenscapes, Fire Safety,
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Photos: Rachel Cobb