• Ocean View Promenade

Pacific Promenade & Visitor Center



We’re envisioning a whole new way to ‘wow’ our visitors when they come to experience our award-winning Garden. And what better way to do that than to spotlight our stunning view of the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean!

Our new Pacific Promenade & Visitor Center will create that seamless entrance experience we’ve all been dreaming about – where visitors can intuitively (and safely) access the Garden. All while being welcomed by stellar horticulture and a breath-taking ocean vista.

This open and inviting new center, located where the eucalyptus trees currently line the west end of our main parking lot, will be a hub for our guests to purchase tickets, memberships, become oriented to the Garden and more. We envision it as a laid-back SoCal center for visitors to meet and greet staff, docents and other visitors… or a relaxed space to just kick back, hang out and take in the view.

Feel free to reach out to Corporate & Community Relations Manager, Ashley Grable at agrable@SDBGarden.org or 760/ 436-3036 x229 or President & CEO, Ari Novy, PhD at anovy@SDBGarden.org or 760/ 436-3036 x202 to hear more about the Promenade, inquire about donations, and look for ways to support this exciting project.


 Pacific Promenade and Visitor Center