Thank You To Our Donors!


Thank You To Our Donors! San Diego Botanic Garden wishes to thank the following donors for cash and in-kind gifts, including our Benefactor and Larabee Society memberships made between August 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020.

If you see an error, our sincere apologies! Please reach out to Ari Novy at 760/ 436-3036 x 202 or We will recognize you properly in the next issue.

Gifts of $1,000,000 or greater
The Mariette Pinchart Trust

Gifts of $100,000 to $999,999
Leichtag Foundation
Martin and Carol Dickinson
Kathryn L. Hoffman Trust
The Ecke Family

Gifts of $25,000 to $99,999
Anonymous Trustee
Frances Hamilton White
Bridget Rose Foundation
Janet and John Kister
Frank and Chana Mannen
Hunter Family Advised Fund

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Anonymous Trustee
Tyler and Diane Miller
Suzy Schaefer
The Marilyn C. & H. Randall Stoke Charitable Foundation
Randi Coopersmith
Mary and Jeff Friestedt
The Margaret R. Seeley Charitable Foundation
Bill and Mary Rawlings

Gifts of $1,000 to $9,999
Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation
The SahanDaywi Foundation
The Family of Lois Dickson
Vann and Carol Parker
Marcia Hall Brockett and Richard Brockett
Tom and Carla Applegate
Paul and Maggie Judge
Westfield UTC
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Chris and Mila Conlan
Mary and Richard Borevitz
Martin and Kellie Cassell
EDCO Waste & Recycling Services
Dave and Claire Ehrlinger
Heritage Building & Development
Ruth and Todd Evans
Hokanson Family Fund
Karen Kohlberg
Ronald and Joan Moss Donor Advised Fund
Terry Weinberger
Marjorie Fox
Katherine Charles Anderson
Arlene and Ron Prater
Strauss Family Foundation
Peter Elkin and Joy Delman
Christopher Calkins
Mo Ecke
Rhana and James Kozak
Joyce Wilder
Timothy and Susan Wright
Tom and Donna Golich
Charles Aldrich
Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites at Moonlight Beach
Cibus US, LLC
Gafcon Inc.
HELIX Environmental Planning, Inc.
Sharp HealthCare Foundation
Smith Brothers Fine Custom Homes
Audrey Terras
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Adam Robinson
RAF Pacifica Group
Rachel and Alex Zanetti
Steve and Kristine Charton
Joye Blount
Robyn Brook
Jeremy and Jennifer Camhi
CB Ranch Enterprises
C. Cooper
Roger Cornell
John DeBruyn
Anna Dreilinger
Shahla and Ronald Dreyer
Keith Jones
Nancy Mah
William Dwan
Victor Orphan
Reuben H. Fleet Foundation
Robert Schmidt
Christopher and Patricia Weil
Timothy and Susan Wright

Gifts of $500 to $999
Ari Novy and Christine Poulsen
Diggers Garden Club
Paula Levin
Jeff Clingan and Leonard Burkhart
Palomar Cactus & Succulent Society
Susan and Ross Starr
Sandra Brue and Christoper Carstens
Lizbeth Ecke
Dorothy Georgens
Kathryn Goetz
Arlene Harris
Maxine Hesse
Sabine and Robert Hildebrand
Nora Jaffe
Peggy Katz
Kenneth J. Huettner Family Trust
Matthew Miller
Nancy Miller
Karen and Harold Mortensen
Neal Openshaw
Gary Rubin
Gina Rubin
The Olivenhain Garden Club

Gifts of $100 to $499
The Benevity Community Impact Fund
Jim and Julie Ruecker
Patrick Dougherty
Sarah Jaffe
Marjorie Abbot
Katherine Basmagy
Linda and Richard Beliveau
Shaun and Mike Henry
Thelma Montag
Christine Rounsavell
Diane Uke
Heather Morehouse and William Smith
Arms Family Foundation
AWM Global Advisors
Christina Beck
Chad Berwald
Janine and Jeff Brown
Edgar and Linda Canada
Heidi Marie Conlan
Linda and Rod Cooper
Lindsey Davidson
Allison DeGeorge
Julian and Leslie Duval
Ellen Emory
Gita Khadiri and Fred Khoroushi
Rosemary Haggarty
Alison and Francis Harding
Robert Holmes
Margaret Schoeninger and Jeff Bada
Gordon Johns
Nancy Kohutek
Cristina Martinez-Burdeos
Karen and Bob Morse
John and Peggy Overland
Elizabeth Rozycki and Richard Botta
Jeffrey Stephenson
Evelyn Weidner
Colin Anderson
Bruce Hubbard and Ann Wycoff
Radka and Greg Bartholomew
Maria Cappelletti
John Clark
Fred Cutler
Ellen Fujikawa
Gregg Hamann
James and Barbara Hartung
Lee Haydu
David and Nancy Herrington
Elizabeth and Edward Holakiewicz
Roxanna and Terrance Johnson
Alice and Tom Keener
Gary Means
Margaret Pryatel
Steve and Sharon Rose
Dempsey and Pat Sawyer
James and Joanna Schumacher
Jack and Anne Wadlington
James Beyster
Donna and Robert Cancel
Richard Wilkes
Ken Altman
Janis Brams
Alice Chen
David and Linda Erickson
Donna Fenske
Suzanne and Lawrence Hess
Pam and Tim Jara
Lane and John Kiefaber
Mei-Mei Lai
Joy and Rodney Lappe
Karen Searcy
Susan Smith
Philip Waldman and Teri Alpert
Ted Wheeler
David Allen
Claire Anderson
Barbara Atkisson
Julie Young and Bea Tamariello
Edmund and Pam Beimel
Michael and Janice Blanco
Deborah Brenner
Scott Brown
Kevin Ferris and Carlos Ramos
Gary and Karin Carriveau
Timothy and Sarah Clayton
Janet Colvard
Jordan Coopersmith
Edward Cox
Nan and Mike Criqui
Geoffrey and Kimberlee Douillard
Feighner Family Trust
Jerry Feitelson
Susan Finger
Terry Fox
Franci and Scott Free
Diana Goforth
Annette Gomez
Jane Goodwin
Barbara Goott
James and Lesley Graham
James Greenstein
Janet Hall
M’Lissa Trent and Hanalei Vierra
Joan and Richard Heller
Mary Hoffman
Susan Hori
William and Pamela Howe
Julia Halliday and John Wertz
Nannette Clark and Kenneth Munson
Gary Larock
Lois Lighthart
John Lundblad
Ananthy Maheson
Margaret Mahoney
John and Dorothy Mark
Scott Markus
Eve Marshall
Barry and Linda Martin
Pamela Palisoul and Mary Palisoul
Faith Meakin
Keith Mikas
Gayle Olson Binder and Mike Binder
Karen Mullen
Kim Nadel
Steven and Leslee Newton-Reed
Joan Noble
Kirk Peterson
Gina Pisello
Deborah and Glenn Plummer
Sally Prendergast
Julie Regan
Stella Reynolds
Susan and Gary Richardson
Abelardo Rodriguez
Raymond and Patricia Root
Leslie Shaw
Stephanie Sides
Claire Slattery and Sidney Wildesmith
Michael Simpson
Diane Steinberg
Fiona Black and Stuart Shannon
Ronald Takaki and Susan Ross
George Geller and Susan Tamura
Sergey Kupriyanov and Tatyana Kupriyanova
Marvin and Ellen Todd
David Vieira
Susan Vincent
Rebecca and Gary Welch
Bonnie and Neil Wolfe
Leon Wozniak

Tribute Gifts
In Honor of John Clements
Deborah Young and Bernard Marcus

In Honor of Mary Friestedt
Leigh Ernst and Matthew Friestedt

In Honor of Evelyn Knepper
David Knepper

In Honor of Carol and Vann Parker
Anna Lillian

In Honor of Arthur and Jean Pounds
Jessica Pounds

In Honor of Bill Rawlings
The Gensler Group

In Honor of James and Catherine Thomson
Jill Ohagan

In Honor of David Viera
Ali Pearlman

In Memory of Jan Brees
Raymond and Patricia Root

In Memory of John Chin
Molly Pong

In Memory of Lois Dickson
Michelle Fisette
Steve and Nita LaRock
Nancy and Gilbert Orabuena
Brandy and Monte Robold
Randall and Margaret Wensman

In Memory of William Gish
Andra Moran

In Memory of Don and Jo Anne Harder
Melanie Harder

In Memory of Garrett Matthew Krater
James Krater

In Memory of Yolanda Levy
Scott Carr and Heather Rosing

In Memory of Ray and Marianne Muse
Owen Johnson

In Memory of Dave Roberts
Joann Atkins
Kermeen and Anne Fristrom

In Memory of John Walters
Harvey and Judith Levine

Matching Gifts
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program
The Davey Tree Expert Company
Your Cause, LLC Trustee

In-kind Gifts valued at $100 or greater
Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites at Moonlight Beach
Bird Rock Tropicals
Chandler Asset Management
Grangetto’s Farm & Garden Supply Co.
Sandra and Fred Sandquist
Olive Hill Greenhouses, Inc.

New or Renewing Benefactor Society Members

Torrey Pine $10,000 or greater
Tom Staver and Cathy Staver

Sapphire Tower $5,000 - $9,999
James Farley and Judy Farley
Paul Tuskes and Ann Tuskes

Cork Oak $2,500 - $4,999
Patrick Anderson
Donald Callard
John Celick and Nancy Celick
Chris Conlan and Mila Conlan
Mark Dowling and Jenny Dowling
Anna Dreilinger
Tyler Miller and Diane Miller
Donald Novy and Marla Novy
Arlene Prater and Ron Prater
William and Mary Rawlings
Fay Schopp
Darrell Shrader and Jill Shrader
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Timothy Wright and Elizabeth Wright

Dragon Tree $1,200 - $2,499
Martin Adams and Irma Ojeda
Joan Ades
Charles Aldrich
Tom and Carla Applegate
Charles Baird and Gladys Baird
Mary Borevitz and Richard Borevitz
Ray Brooks
Leonard F. Burkhart Jr. and Warren J. Clingan
Steve Charton and Kristine Charton
Carolyn Conant
Steve Dempsey and Jane Dempsey
Mo Ecke
Elliott F. Elledge
Francesca W. Filanc
Mary J. Friestedt and Jeff H. Friestedt
Tom S. Golich and Donna A. Golich
Douglas C. Gregg and Christine Gregg
Marcia K. Hall Brockett and Richard Brockett
Bruce Hubbard and Ann Wycoff
David Kellum and Carolyn Hilliard
Janet S. Kister and John Kister
Pam Koide Hyatt and Richard Hyatt
James LaGrone and Janice LaGrone
Frank N. Mannen and Chana Mannen
Gary Means and Jan Means
James Merrill and Janice Merrill
Ari Novy and Christine Poulsen
Pamela Palisoul
Sue Papreck and Rick Papreck
Vann Parker and CaroL Parker
Katie Pelisek and Steve Pelisek
Allison Price and Robert Price
Suzanne H. Schaefer
Don Shadrow
Marshall C. Sigesmund and Leslie Shaw
Dale Snyder and Michael Snyder
Richard B. Stevens and Lynn Stevens
Pat R. Welsh
Dolores Welty
William H. Willis and Sally Willis
Liz Woodward and Scott Woodward

New or Renewing Larabee Society Members

Fellow $600 - $1199
Alan Barnebey and Cheryl Barneby
Linda Beliveau and Richard Beliveau
Robert Bell and Jane Bell
Stephanie M. Bench and Stephenie Pitman
Sandra Brue and Christopher Carstens
Rick Collins and June S. Collins
Fred Cutler
Shahla Dreyer and Ronald Dreyer
Thomas Dring and Laura Druff
Mary Dunning
Harold W. Fuson and Pam Fuson
Deanne J. Gage
Beth Hall and Mike Hall
Derek Helton and Alexander Medina
Henry Herms and Regla Dee
Mark Huffman and Davielle Huffman
Jane Hunt
Robert W. Kopfstein and Karen Kopfstein
Rhana Kozak and James Kozak
Kerry Kusiak and Julie Kusiak
Lambert A. Ling and Kathy Ling
Rachel Michel
Bonnie K. Minamide
Karen Mortensen and Hal Mortensen
Brys Myers and Rita Vasquez-Myers
Jeffrey M. Rowe and Michele S. Rowe
Carol Salatka and Nora Salatka
Margaret J. Schoeninger and Jeff L. Bada
Linda B. Stewart and Michael Berry
Katherine D. White

Patron $300 - $599
Claire Anderson
Kathy Anderson and Charles Anderson
Susan Armstrong and Keith Marzullo
Teresa Barth and Don K. Barth
Mona Baumgartel and John DeBeer
Mark S. Bibler and Heather Carpenter
Richard Borden
Robert Budetti and Karen Budetti
Cathy R. Bullock and John Bullock
David A. Cain and Sherre L. Cain
Marie Campagna
Edgar D. Canada and Linda Canada
Jorge Carrera and Margot Carrera
Martin Cassell and Kellie Cassell
Luke Cocalis and Hilary Cocalis
David A. Coup and David C. Smith
Ralph Crane and Barbara Crane
Nan Criqui and Mike Criqui
Mark Dankberg and Cindy Dankberg
John T. DeWald and Debra DeWald
Harold P. Dunn and Nancy L. Dunn
Lizbeth Ecke and David Meyer
Peter Elkin and Joy Delman
Jeffrey Emory and Elllen Emory
Paula Eoff and Alvis Eoff
Thomas Farley and Barbara Farley
Stephen L. Feldman
Ruben Flores and Gail Flores
Marjorie Fox
Charles Garren
John L. Gillett
Andrew and Sue Grant
Gregg R. Hamann and Debra L. Hamann
Judith Harper
Fran Hinostro and Bobby Hinostro
Dolores Hofmann
Timothy Jett and Ian Jett
Alice Keener and Tom Keener
Mr. Tom Keener and Mrs. Alice Keener
Christine Kiffmann
Marilyn Kovach and William Kovach
Daina A. Krigens and Hugh Lawrence
Ralph T. Kubo and June K. Kubo
Alan LaRue
Hugh Lawrence
Dennis Lee and Sandra Lee
Judy Leff
Ruth Levor
Miriam Levy and Paul Bussell
Pamela Maher and David Schubert
George E. Matt and Ana Navrro
Andra Moran
Karen Morse and Bob Morse
Janice Mullin and David Mullin
Leo P. Norton and Donna Norton
Barbara G. Osthaus
Daniel Petersen and Ellen Petersen
Gretchen Preston
Margaret Pryatel
Craig Racine and Renee Racine
Lou Rehberger and Pat Rehberger
Mary Rodriguez and Abelardo Rodriguez
Jim Ruecker and Julie Ruecker
Daniel Schumann and Danielle Jackson
Harold P. Sexton and Paulette Sexton
William R. Shanahan and Lise Shanahan
Jeff A. Shaver and Cheryl A. Shaver
Susan E. Smith
Marian Spanos and Susan Holcombe
Susan Starr and Ross Starr
Eva Stjernfeldt and Alec J. Babiarz
Donn and Susan Takahashi
Jaya Takhar
Donna Thal and George Carnevale
Elizabeth Venrick
Paul Youngborg and Cassie Youngborg

Steward $150 - $299
Marjorie Abbot and Steve Abbot
Terry Allen and Sharon Allen
Karl Almryde and Kevin O’Sullivan
Alana Althage
Lou Beersdorf and Deirdre Maher
Edmund R. Beimel and Pam Beimel
Michael Biedenbender and Leticia Biedenbender
Fiona Black and Sstuart Shanon
Susan M. Blacker
Sharon Bohannon
Jennifer Boulette and Christopher M. Benzel
Janis A. Brams and Michael Brams
Deborah Brenner
Clarissa Brody and Dyllan Brody
Jennifer Brooks and Ryan Wong
David G. Brown and Carol Brown
Ken P. Brown and Diane Brown
John H. Bryant Jr. and Lynn Bryant
Daniel Buker and Jack Mulder
Jon Campbell and Kathy Campbell
Donna Cancel and Robert Cancel
Janell Cannon
Suzanne M. Carneiro
Nancy Carol Carter
Bette and Will Childs
Jodie Chin
Mei Christensen
Timothy Clayton and Sarah Clayton
Brett Cohen and Rachelle Cohen
Heidi Conlan
Richard D. Contreras and Beth A. Jarosz
Tom Cozens and Peggy Cozens
Wayne L. Cuddeback
Linda Daniels
Byron G. De Long and Doug Lenhart
Sally Dean and Bill Dean
Mark Delfino and Cathy Delfino
Gareth DeSanctis and Christine DeSanctis
Magaly Drant
Freda D’Souza
Bruce Dugmore and Pamela Dugmore
Marlene DuPriest
Carol Eblen
John Eckert and Pam Eckert
Stacy Fattaleh
Leslie E. Frumin and Fred Frumin
Steve Gaskins and Kathy Gaskins
Joan Gildin
Julie M. Gillespie and Gary R. Gillespie
James Gillie and Kathleen Gillie
Robert Glaser
Luz M. Godina
Sanjiv Grover and Geeta Grover
Kirk Gruenwald
John Gubler and Lisa Gubler
John Gurrera and Mindy Gurrera
Ms. Kathryn Hamblin
Cassandra Hanel
Lee Haydu
Barbara Helland
Shaun Henry and Mike Henry
Carlos Hernandez
Pete Holliday
Diane Hollister
Derek Hook and Barbara Hook
Maryka Hoover and George Hoover
William V. Howe and Pamela K. Howe
Bonnie Hubbard
Francie Jablonski
Yolande Jackson
Raymond Jacobus and Ileana Jacobus
Tim Jara and Pam Jara
Trish Johnson and Rigdon Currie
Niyati Kadakia
Lorene M. Kasner and Gregg Kasner
Phoebe Katsell
Mary Keefe
Anne Kellogg-Sharp and Liz Sharp
Carol Kerridge
Linda Kewin and Megan White
Sandra Knowles
Candace Kohl
Nancy Kohutek
Joanne Kroll
Mitchell Kronenberg and Hilde Cheroutre
Sergey Kupriyanov and Tatyana Kupriyanova
Pete Landon and Dawn Landon
Joy Lappe and Rodney Lappe
Gregory S. Laurinat
Geraldine Lee
Sharon Lee
Geraldine Lee
Scott Lentz
Kalyna K. Lesyna
Ryan Ley and Jaime Gardner
Sheldon Lisker
Jan Lorenz
Debb Lubke and William Lubke
Richard MacDonald
Nancy Mah
James Mahoney and Suzanne Mahoney
Norma McAfee
Diana McCright and Dennis Stojewa
Duncan McFarland
Kathleen J. McKee and Jeffrey Davidson
McKenna Family
Matt McManus on behalf of Laura Michaels
Nancy McTigue
Faith Meakin and Edward Frederick
Christi Middlesworth
Thelma Montag
Luis Morales
Charlotte Morris
Stanley Neill and Janet Neill
Princess Norman and Robert Norman
Mary O’Boyle
Michael O’Neil and John Kiladis
Helen E. O’Neil and Carl Ware
Renae Palmer on behalf of Brianne Palmer and Jason Sparr
Mike Peters and Nancy Peters
Mary Quinn
Rumi M. Rice
Rebecca Riseling
Mary-Jo Rolnick on behalf of Roberta Rolnick
Joyce Ross and Richard Ross
Susan Ross and Ronald Takaki
Christine Rounsavell
Alan Rubendall and Char Rubendall
Dino Santos
Sarah Schineller and Andru Clarke
Robert Schork and Kim Schork
Margaret R. Seeley
Julia Sheldon and Jim Wurzbach
Jerry I. Shiller and Jamie Shiller
Barbara Skydel
Mary Jill Sparrow-Koch
Anne Spindel
Jean Stanzick
Marilyn Stoke and Randall Stoke
Karen Stone
Tracy Strahl and Dana Strahl
Jay Sweeney and Diane Sweeney
Jean K. Tempke
Tara Terpening
Elizabeth Tesolin-Hamilton and Christopher Hamilton
Julianna O. Thomas
Chris Thompson on behalf of Trudy Thompson
Deborah D. Thompson
Kevin Thompson and Jennifer Thompson
John T. Tilton and Kate B. Tilton
Mark Tuller and Mary Tuller
Thomas Uter and Dorothy Zeavin
Rick Van Schoik and Joyce Crosthwaite
Clinton Winant and Elizabeth Winant
Edward G. Wong and Pauline Wong
Kay R. Worley and Walter L. Worley III