Junior Quail Trail Opening this Fall


By Brandi Eide
Managing Director

We are excited to announce the opening of a new Garden space with a focus on children and families.

The Junior Quail Trail focuses on natural materials, body movement, and learning from the surrounding environment. Located in the (former) Eucalyptus Grove, this space will allow children to exercise both their bodies and minds.

The Junior Quail Trail provides an immersive and safe space to explore, discover and play outdoors. Interactive elements blend physical challenges with observations of the natural world.

Nature is the original classroom, endlessly sparking curiosity and inspiration. In learning through play, a connection to, and appreciation of nature is built one jump, climb or balancing step at a time.

We know many of you have missed our children’s gardens, as they have remained closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to our new Junior Quail Trail, our ever-popular Seeds of Wonder Children’s Garden has undergone modifications to remove high-touch objects so we can safely reopen this children’s outdoor space.

New Junior Quail Trail under construction.

Both of these children’s exploration areas are scheduled to open this fall. Please continue to check our website at SDBGarden.org for updates.