Food Scraps Recycling
Coming Soon to Encinitas!

By Dominique Dashwood
Senior CivicSpark Fellow
City of Encinitas | Public Works Department 

The City of Encinitas and EDCO, both long-time supporters of the Garden, are about to take a major step towards sustainability for the community.

Coming in 2021, Encinitas residents, including many friends of the Garden, will be able to place food scraps (in addition to yard waste) in their green roll-out carts. EDCO will then collect and process the materials into fertilizer and renewable energy! By reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill, the program will result in cleaner air and healthier soils.
We know many Garden supporters compost their food scraps and yard waste at home and they are encouraged to continue doing so!

Food Scraps Recycling 
Coming Soon to Encinitas!

What will go in the green cart?
If it grows, it goes! All organic material should go in the green cart. Examples include apple cores, banana peels, moldy bread, coffee grounds and eggshells. Meat, bones, and dairy should also go in the green cart, along with food-soiled paper and cardboard, such as greasy pizza boxes.

What’s not allowed in the green cart?
No compostable plastics (bags, utensils, cups, etc.); these go in the trash bin. Also, no plastic, metal, or glass; these belong in the recycling bin.

What can you do now?
You can reduce organic waste by preventing food waste and starting a backyard compost pile.

For more information and updates on the launch of the program, visit the City of Encinitas’s webpage.