Message from the CEO


imageThe last several months have been truly unprecedented. In March, we were forced to close the Garden due to the ravages of COVID-19. In June, the Garden was fortunate to be able to reopen via online reservations to both our loyal members and the general public.

The available research tells us that as long as people maintain appropriate social distance (approximately 6 feet) there is little risk in enjoying the outdoors and visiting the Garden.

In order to ensure your visit is both safe and enjoyable, we have retooled all of our operations. You will notice several changes when you arrive at the Garden – including timed ticketing and one-way pathways – as well as a new temporary main entrance at 300 Quail Gardens Drive; all designed to keep both employees and guests safe and secure.

While the Garden is not yet fully open (we cannot have events and on-site programming), we are THRILLED to welcome you all back into the Garden!

During these uncertain times, the calm of the Garden is a necessary tonic. The lush green foliage of our palms and ferns near the waterfall connect us to all life on earth. The beautiful morphology of the pitcher plants and orchids in the Dickinson Family Education Conservatory inspire us to appreciate the functional beauty of flowers and leaves. And the many textures and colors of the Bamboo Garden dazzle us with the diversity of life on earth...such diversity underpins our resilience and makes life endlessly fascinating. 

We hope you will all come visit the Garden as much as you can. Your safety and enjoyment are our number one priority. We will keep expanding our offerings and programming as authorities allow. And we guarantee that any time you come to the Garden you will be able to take a deep breath, relax and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of plants.

Thank you for continuing to support and visit the Garden. No matter what, we will keep the Garden beautiful and healthy for your enjoyment. But we do need your help. Please consider making a donation to support the Garden, or purchasing a gift membership for your favorite people. Your continued support helps keep the Garden growing.

We are grateful and thrilled to be your community Botanic Garden!

Ari Novy, PhD
President and CEO
Ari Novy, PhD
President and CEO

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