Thank You To Our Donors!


Thank You To Our Donors! San Diego Botanic Garden wishes to thank the following donors for cash and in-kind gifts, including our Benefactor and Larabee Society memberships made between June 2019-June 2020

If you see an error, our sincere apologies! Please reach out to Ari Novy at 760/436-3036 x 202 or We will recognize you properly in the next issue.

Gifts of $100,000 or greater

Martin and Carol Dickinson
Leichtag Foundation
The Ecke Family
Frances Hamilton White

Gifts of $25,000 or greater
Janet S. and John Kister
Cathy and Tom Staver
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation

Gifts of $10,000 to $24,999
Allison and Robert Price Family Foundation
Edward B. Evans and Ruth Todd Evans Family Foundation (Drs. Edward and Ruth Evans)
Fidelity Charitable
Randi Coopersmith
Mary and Jeffrey Friestedt
Frank and Chana Mannen
Olive Hill Greenhouses
San Diego County Water Authority
Suzy Schaefer
The Margaret R. Seeley Charitable Foundation
The Marilyn C. & H. Randall Stoke Charitable Foundation

Gifts of $1,000 to $9,999
Charles Aldrich
Tom and Carla Applegate
Belina Lazzar Family Trust
Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites at Moonlight Beach
Joye Blount
Richard C. Borden
Mary and Richard Borevitz
Marcia K. Hall Brockett and Richard Brockett
Robyn Lynn Broock
Robert Brunst
Jeremy and Jennifer Camhi
Martin and Kellie Cassell
John and Nancy Celick
Steve and Kristine Charton
City of Encinitas
Warren J. (Jeff) Clingan and Leonard Burkhart
Randi Coopersmith
Roger Cornell
Annie Craig
David Fleet and Andrew Fleet Memorial Fund
John DeBruyn
Lois Dickson
Mo Ecke
EDCO Waste & Recycling Services
James Eisenberg
Pete Elkin
Ellen G. and Edward G. Wong Family Foundation
Dave and Claire Ehrilinger
Jim and Judy Farley
Marjorie Fox
Gilchrist Aesthetic & Medical Dermatology
Hokanson Family Fund
Holbrook Travel
Sarah and Adam Jaffe
Jewish Community Foundation
Paul and Maggie Judge
Maureen King
Liechtag Foundation - Impact Cubed
Nancy Mah
Cheryl and Steve Mergenthaler
Tyler Miller Family
Ari Novy and Christine Poulsen
Olivenhain Municipal Water District
Jeanne and Victor Orphan
Vann and Carol Parker
Arlene and Ron Prater
Bill and Mary Rawlings
Adam Robinson
San Dieguito Water District
Robert Schmidt
SC Plumeria Society
Jeff and Cheryl Shaver
Strauss Family Foundation
The Rice Family Foundation
The Sahandaywi Foundation
The San Diego Foundation
Kathleen and Jeffrey Thuner
Patricia and Christopher Weil
Ms. Terry Weinberger
Welk Resorts
Joyce B. Wilder
Timothy and Susan Wright
Rachel and Alex Zanetti

Gifts of $500 to $999
Sandra Brue and Christoper Carstens
Joanne and Barry Butler
Diggers Garden Club
Lizbeth Ecke and David Meyer
Dorothy E. Georgens
Kathryn Goetz
Tom and Donna Golich
Arlene Harris and Martin Cooper
Sabine and Robert Hildebrand
Kenneth J. Huettner Family Trust
Peggy Katz
Rhana and James Kozak
Paula F. Levin
Faith Meakin and Edward J. Frederick
Cara and Matt Miller
Nancy G. Miller
Olivenhain Garden Club
Neal and Diane Openshaw
Gina Rubin
David Vieira
Rebecca and Gary Welch

Gifts of $100 to $499
Charles and Marjorie Abbot
David Y. Allen
Laurel D. Allen
Ken and Denna Altman
Claire Anderson
Colin and Melody Anderson
Charles and Katherine Anderson
Arms Family Foundation
AWM Global Advisors
Christina Back
Radka Bartholomew
Katherine Basmagy
Chad Berwald
James F. Beyster
Gayle Olson Binder and Mike Binder
Fiona Black and Stuart Shannon
Michael and Janis Brams
Janine and Jeff Brown
Cristina Martinez-Burdeos
Edgar and Linda Canada
Gary and Karin Carriveau
Charitable Adult Rides & Services, Inc.
Alice Chen
John R. Clark
Nannette Y. Clark and Kenneth Munson
Rachel M. Cobb
Jordan and Laura Coopersmith
Edward W. Cox
Fred Cutler
Lindsey Davidson
Geoffrey and Kimberlee Douillard
Julian and Leslie B. Duval
Robert & Celeste Edmonston
David and Linda Erickson
Fege Family Trust
Feighner Family Trust
Jerry Feitelson
Donna Fenske
Kevin L. Ferris and Carlos Ramos
Susan B. Finger
Scott and Franci Free
Terry Fox
Ellen Fujikawa
George Geller and Susan Y. Tamura
Robert and Diana Goforth
Jane Goodwin
Barbara Joan Goott
James and Lesley Graham
Shawn and Roger Grant
Janet Hall
Julia W. Halliday and John Wertz
Gregg and Debra Hamann
Alison and Francis Harding
James and Barbara Hartung
Lee Haydu
Joan and Richard Heller
Shaun and Mike Henry
David and Nancy Herrington
Suzanne and Lawrence Hess
Mary A. Hoffman
Edward and Elizabeth Holakiewicz
Robert and Cecile Holmes
Derek and Barbara Hook
Susan Hori
William and Pamela Howe
Dr. Bruce Hubbard, MD
Roxanna and Terrance Johnson
Gita Khadiri and Fred Khoroushi
Lane and John Kiefaber
Nancy Kohutek
Sergey Kupriyanov and Tatyana Kupriyanova
Jennifer LeBlang
Lois Lighthart
Ananthy Maheson
Margaret O. Mahoney
John and Dorothy Mark
Larry and Anne McCarthy
Thelma Montag
Heather Morehouse
Karen Morse and Bob Morse
Steven and Leslee Newton-Reed
Joan J. Noble
John and Peggy Overland
Pamela Palisoul and Mary Palisoul
Kirk Peterson
Karl and Ali Pieper
Deborah and Glenn Plummer
Margaret Pryatel
Julie Teel Regan and James Regan
Gary and Susan Richardson
Mary B. Rodriquez
Raymond and Patricia Root
Heather Rosing and Scott Car
Christine Rounsavell
Dempsey and Pat Sawyer
Margaret J. Schoeninger and Jeff L. Bada
James and Joanna Schumacher
SD Horticultural Society/Honorarium
Stephanie R. Sides
Claire Slattery and Sidney Wildesmith
Julie Young and Bea Tamariello
Al and Stephanie Tarkington
M'Lissa Trent and Hanalei Vierra
Marvin and Ellen Todd
Diane K. and Alan Uke
Sibylla Voll
Jack and Anne Wadlington
Philip T. Waldman and Teri Alpert
Weidner Family Fund
Ted and Barbara Wheeler
Richard and Barbara Wilkes
Neil and Bonnie Wolfe
Leon Wozniak

Tribute Gifts

In Memory of Theodore “Ted” Bonn
Mimi Green Katz and Family
Arnold Raymon
Betty Reynolds
Alison Royle
Rosalyn T. Scheidlinger

In Memory of Sylvia Brams
Dr. Michael Brams and Mrs. Janis Brams

In Memory of Jan Brees
Pat and Ray Root

In Memory of John Chin
Molly Pong

In Memory of Charles “Chips” Dreilinger
Anna Dreilinger

In Memory of Donald and Jo Anne Harder
Melanie Harder

In Memory of John Harper
Ellen Margetich

In Memory of Ann Hoeppner
Rebecca Meyer

In Memory of Garrett Matthew Krater
James Krater

In Memory of Yolanda Levy
Scott Carr and Heather Rosing

In Memory of Isabel Luther
Thelma Montag

In Memory of Ray and Marianne Muse
Dr. Owen V. Johnson

In Memory of the René Pinchart Family
Mariette Pinchart Trust

In Memory of David Roberts
Joann Atkins and Leann McCreedy
Kermeen Fristrom

In Memory of Joyce Sapp
Daina A. Krigens and Hugh Lawrence

In Memory of Mary Irene Spaeth
Jenee Lucia

In Memory of John R. Walters
Harvey and Judith Levine

In Memory of Irene Zito
Colin Anderson

In Honor of Tom Applegate
Mindy Schwartz

In Honor of Carol and Martin Dickinson
Ohana Equities, LLC/Dan Fleet

In Honor of Docents Mary, Mo, and Liz
Ms. Kate Engler and Mr. Martin Engler

In Honor of Mary Friestedt
Leigh Ernst and Matthew Friestedt

In Honor of Evelyn Knepper
David Knepper

In Honor of Jill Ohagan
James and Catherine Thomson

In Honor of Arthur and Jean Pounds
Jessica Pounds

In Honor of Bill Rawlings
The Gensler Group

In Honor of David Vieira
Ali Pearlman

In-kind Gifts
Agri Service
Amazon - The Spheres
Around The Town Collection
Best Western Encinitas Inn & Suites at Moonlight Beach
Briggs Nursery & Tree Company
California State University Fullerton
Chandler Asset Management
Steven Chatelain
Wendy E. Czech
EDCO Waste & Recycling Services
Folklore Event Rentals
Grangetto’s Farm and Garden Supply
Hunter Industries Incorporated
Huntington Botanical Garden
Alice Kovalcik
Olive Hill Greenhouses
Joan Oliver
Mariette Pinchart
Elana Richmond
Don Rosenstock
Sally and James Sandler

Matching Gifts
Qualcomm Matching Gift Program
The Davey Tree Expert Co.
Your Cause, LLC Trustee