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Sculpture in the Garden


Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2018

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Artist Name: John Dupree


John Dupree

Title of Piece: Off to the Races
Media: steel
Dimensions: 7'2"H x 6'6"W x 30"D (base diameter)
Retail Price: $12,300 + tax

Artist’s Statement: A portrait of both focus and drive.

Artist’s Bio: A self-taught artist, John strives for a "less is more" philosophy. His work ranges from large abstract outdoor art to smaller indoor figurative pieces. The figurative work often plays with change of scale and proportion in a quest to elicit the driving force and essence behind each piece. The abstract work uses line and shadow to expand the possibilities of interpretation. His work has been chosen for several public installations and also is held in many private collections.

Photos: Rachel Cobb