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Artist Name: Beliz Iristay


Beliz Iristay

Title of Piece: Set of Cuernos (6 pieces)
Media: raku, ceramics, mixed media
Dimensions of each piece: 29"H x 10"W x 7"D; 27"H x 9"W x 6"D;
27"H x 6"W x 5"D

Retail Price:
$10,000 + tax (for 6 pieces)
$5,000 + tax (for group of 3 different size horns)
$2,000 + tax (for one large size horn)
$1,500 + tax (for one medium size horn)

Artist’s Statement: My work explores the ancient firing technique Raku in contemporary designs. My art focuses on the technical skills of this practice, and combines different compounds and materials to create strong textures and effects.

Artist’s Bio: Beliz Iristay is a Turkish-American mixed media artist, born in Turkey. She studied traditional Turkish ceramics and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2003 from Izmir University. After finishing her thesis, she worked as a teaching assistant and glass production and mold maker at the Glass Furnace School in Istanbul. She moved to San Diego and built her ceramics studio in Guadalupe Valley in Ensenada in 2005.

In her work, Beliz often uses the venerable traditions of her home country(s), combined with contemporary techniques. She collects the subject materials for her work from the tradition and politics of the country she is living in.

She has shown her work in the 2014 San Diego Art Fair with the San Diego Art Institute and 2014 Red Dot Miami Art Fair with Sergiott Art Alliance. In 2015 she won an art grant with Synergy Art Foundation in San Diego. She taught ceramics to teenage orphans and wrote an art therapy based project for orphan kids called Veladoras. In 2015 she was nominated for the San Diego Art Prize. Following the prize, she made a glass installation piece for Balboa Park Centennial in the San Diego Art Institute. That same piece won El Paso Museum of Art Border Biennial in 2016. Beliz now passes on her ceramic knowledge by teaching in her studio Turkmex in Guadalupe Valley, Mexico.

Photos: Rachel Cobb