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Sculpture in the Garden


Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2018

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Artist Name: Robert Michael Jones


Robert Michael Jones

Title of Piece #1: Escaping Existentialism
Media: steel, concrete, stainless steel
Dimensions: 90"H x 24"W x 72"D
Retail Price: $8,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: "Escaping Existentialism" explores the existential attitude as the driving force for our obsession to create alternate realities in virtual space.

Title of Piece #2: Prayer
Media: copper, bronze, steel, concrete, stainless steel
Dimensions: 88"H x 20"W x 33"D
Retail Price: $6,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Religion is one way humans explain the unknown. As machine intelligence reaches human levels and beyond it will develop beliefs of its own.


Title of Piece #3: Mother
Media: bronze, stainless steel, concrete
Dimensions: 89"H x 22"W x 23"D
Retail Price: $5,000 + tax

Artist’s Statement: As our closest animal relative, the chimpanzee offers a unique perspective on the strangeness of humanity and our similarities to our less intelligent predecessors.

Artist’s Bio: Robert Michael Jones uses a process of physical action and reaction to consciously resist finality and stasis of form in favor of gesture and incompleteness. Industrial manufactured materials and objects provide a historical framework for his reflections on culture and the ideas that drive it. Robert is fascinated with mythology and the illustration of character. He uses his knowledge of traditional mythology to construct characters in a modern canon of his own making.

Photos: Rachel Cobb