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Sculpture in the Garden


Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2018

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Artist Name: Marcela Luna Rossel

Marcela Luna Rossel

(Both pieces shown in 1 image)

Title of Piece #1: Secret Portal
Media: mixed media mosaics
Dimensions: 5'H x 3'W x 3"D
Retail Price: $4,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Symbolized by this cutout female silhouette, the piece celebrates Mother Earth. Through this magical threshold, we can contemplate the unity of all of life.

Title of Piece #2: Forest Spirit
Media: mixed media mosaics
Dimensions: 4.5'H x 2.5'W x 3"D
Retail Price: $3,500 + tax

Artist’s Statement: This primal, archetypal human dressed in strata textures, emerges from the forest, inviting us to the space of purity and wonder we knew as children.

Artist’s Bio: Marcela Paz Luna Rossel was born overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Viña del Mar, Chile, on 1972's Earth Day. She has both formal training and informal apprenticeships in the Fine Arts, in a variety of media—from experimental photography and painting, to sculpture and public art. Due to her love of travel, a vice acquired in early childhood, you may find Luna meandering through the world, creating secret guerrilla installations in nature, or writing poetry destined to oblivion. After long wanderings in several countries, collecting the inspiration the muses provided, she's back in California to participate in several shows.

Photos: Rachel Cobb