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Sculpture in the Garden


Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2018

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Metalmorph Sculpture Studio


Metalmorph Sculpture Studio

Title of Piece: Afternoon in Wonderland
Media: upcycled metal
Dimensions: 60"H x 48"W x 24"D
Retail Price: $1,620 + tax

Artist’s Statement: Balthazar finds great surprise and delight in simple pleasures as he contemplates life, and perhaps your presence as well.

Artist’s Bio: Metalmorph Sculpture Studio is the unique collaboration of husband and wife team, Paul and Leslie Wilton. Leslie has been a glass artist for over 30 years. Paul is a master machinist, inventor, and artist as well! They discovered reclaimed metal sculpture quite by accident. “We fell heir to a bunch of really cool old tools from a neighbor who wanted to toss them out. We couldn’t let that happen. We rescued them, brought them home, and then scratched our heads. Now what? Spontaneity and serendipity came together and, voila, “Weego” the scarecrow was created and Metalmorph Sculpture Studio was born.”

Photos: Rachel Cobb