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Sculpture in the Garden


Sculptures from regional artists installed in natural, picturesque setting
Now – April 2018

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Artist Name: Marsha Rafter


Sculpture in the Garden

Title of Piece #1: Caterpillar’s Dream
Media: Mosaic
Dimensions-Height: 5 ft Width: 2 ft Depth: 7 in.
Special Instructions: stacking pieces come apart for moving
Price: $4800
Artist’s Statement: Change is inevitable in life, though not always easy or desired. To grow gracefully into your unique innate beauty is the ultimate result of transformation.

Artist’s Bio: Emerging from an endless inner curiosity, I am continually striving to push into new realms of creating through the use of new materials, as well as new and different methods of construction. In my recent work, I am using wire, foam, and concrete to produce work on a larger scale. I continue to use ceramic elements in my work, connecting my past as a ceramic artist, with my present as a mosaicist.

I am most at home in my garden, which I often strive to convey in my pieces. I experience so much joy seeing my beautiful garden and hearing the cheerful sound of birds singing outside my studio. It is my hope that my work inspires the viewer in the same way and draws them closer to their innermost selves, arriving at a place of lightness, joy, and happiness in the connection.

Photos: Nick Ruddick