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What You Can Do


The San Diego Botanic Garden depends upon volunteer support – in a big way! Our team of volunteers offers talent, commitment, hard work and sincere caring to our Garden. They are creative and motivated, helping in many facets of the Garden: garden beautification teams; expansive monthly events; leading tours for children and adults; community outreach; Welcome Center and Gift Shop.

If you have been considering making the San Diego Botanic Garden your refuge while you give back, please let us know. Our volunteers will tell you that the Garden gives back to you as much as you give – it has a way of drawing you in and you won’t be more appreciated than you will be at the Garden. We would love to hear from you!

San Diego Botanic Garden
San Diego Botanic Garden

SDBG Docent Cumulative Index and Bloom Board
Thank you to Allan Dodds and Nick Ruddick

To search and sort plants by their scientific and common names, botanical family, location in the Garden, color, size, date of bloom and additional information on each please see the SDBG Docents' Cumulative Index

To see additional plants in bloom month by month please link to the
SDBG Docents' Virtual Bloom Board